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Diesel Forklift

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  • One-year warranty
Max.Load Capacity: 1.5T
Max.Lift Height: 3m
Operation Mode: Seated



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Rated Load1.5T2T
Lifting height3m3m
Frame size2200*160*552200*160*55
fork length1.07m1.07m
TireFront 600-14,Rear 500-8Front650-16,Rear600-9
Max climing ability10-20°10-20°
Overall weight24003200

Key Features:

1. Compact Body for Agile Operation: Our off-road forklifts feature a compact body design that allows for agile and unrestricted operation, even in limited spaces. This enables operators to navigate and maneuver efficiently, optimizing productivity in confined work areas.

2. Ergonomic Design for Reduced Labor Effort: We prioritize operator comfort and efficiency with our forklifts' ergonomic design. By considering the human-machine interface, we ensure that operators can work with reduced labor effort, minimizing fatigue and maximizing productivity during operation.

3. Enhanced Visibility for Work Efficiency and Safety: Our forklifts are equipped with features that enhance visibility, promoting both work efficiency and safety assurance. Operators have clear sightlines and improved visibility of the working area, enabling them to operate the forklift with precision and confidence while maintaining a safe working environment.

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