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Semi-electric Stacker

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Max.Load Capacity: 2T
Max.Lift Height: 3500mm
Operation Mode: Hand-push


ModelHWS10 / HWS15 / HWS20
FeaturesDrive systemBattery
Driving modeHand-Push
Load Capacity / Q (kg)1000/1500/2000
Load Center / C (mm)500
WeightWeight (With battery) / Kg345/390/410/430
MotorLifting Motor (KW)DC/2.2

The semi-electric stacker is a labor-saving solution for stacking tasks. It offers the advantage of maneuvering through narrow spaces and is easily portable.

Key Features:

1. Parking Foot Braking Function: The stacker is equipped with a parking foot brake, providing stability and safety during stacking operations. The brake ensures that the stacker remains securely in place when not in use.

2. Chain Steering Drive Design: The stacker incorporates a chain steering drive system, which enables smooth and precise maneuverability. This design allows for easy navigation, especially in tight spaces where larger equipment may not be suitable.

3. High Frequency Intelligent Charger: The stacker comes with a high-frequency intelligent charger, which optimizes the charging process. This feature ensures efficient charging, prolongs battery life, and reduces charging time, enhancing overall productivity.

4. Adjustable Pitch Sleeve Fork: The stacker is equipped with an adjustable pitch sleeve fork, providing flexibility for different load sizes. This feature allows operators to customize the fork position to accommodate various pallet sizes, enhancing efficiency and versatility in stacking operations.

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