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14000KG Truck With Crane

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Total weight (kg):31000
Engine:Yuchai 290hp
Overall dimensions (mm):12000 X 2550X 3950

1. Standard environmental protection national 5 engine, intercooled supercharged, automatically air-cut brake, high and low speed driving.

2. Hydraulic double-section outriggers, extra-large outrigger span, larger working range and safer. The outrigger cylinder is ejected with small clearance.

3. Increase the slewing support of the external gear turntable, making the slewing action more stable and safer.

4. U-shaped section of the arm body, anti-twist design, more uniform force, better telescopic guidance, more stable telescopic.

ChassisDongfeng T5 8X4
Drive type8X4 
EngineYuchai 290hp
Tire model11.00R20Wire Bead
Wheel base (mm)2150+4400+1350
Crane boom typeStraight boom
Total weight (kg)31000
Boom section number (m)5*5
Boom length (m)18.5
Work height (m)20.5

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