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6300KG Truck With Crane

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Total weight (kg):11480
Engine:4DX23-130E5 130PS
Overall dimensions (mm):7350*2450*3500

1. The telescopic type of the boom is independent telescopic and synchronous telescopic, and the appearance is neat and beautiful.

2. The main components of the whole vehicle use well-known domestic brands to ensure that the design service life of the whole vehicle is more than ten years

3. The entire vehicle cylinder adopts domestic well-known brands and imported Parker seals.

4. All vehicle oil pipes are crimped by imported rubber oil pipes, with a crimping accuracy of 0.01mm, and the entire vehicle’s oil pipes have three extreme pressure tests to ensure reliable quality.

5. The slewing support is made of integral forging, tooth surface quenching, and raceway precision grinding, which makes the crane work more stable and has a longer service life.

ChassisSinotruk Ace
Emission StandardsChina Ⅵ
Max.lifting weight (t)6.3
Crane arm (m)11
Main boom length (m)3.5
Max lifting height (m)14
Boom section number4
Max elevation80°
Rotation angle0-360
Rotating speed0-3
Hydraulic outriggerAutomatic

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