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HW1000 Spider Crane

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Max working radius:19.8m(0.6ton)
Engine power:76kw

The unrivaled HW1200 is the most popular miniature crane in the industry, thanks to its versatile outriggers that allow the crane to operate on uneven ground and slopes. 

Its track mobility allows this small crane to travel over rough terrain, making it ideal for lifting projects across a wide range of industries including glass, steel, lumber and more.


Machine weight11500kg
Max working radius19.8m(0.6ton)/ 22m(0.6ton)
Max lifting height21m
Standard configurationProportional Valve and Proportional Remote control , Diesel engine, Electric motor, Power distribution box, Searcher hook, Storage battery, Black rubber track, EMO switch, Three color lamp, Remote control lamp, Luffing balance valve, Telescopic balance valve, Hook anti-decoupling device, Slewing brake, Winch brake, Outrigger off the ground alarm and automatic stop device, Walking/Outrigger/Boom three-mode interlock system, Extra two sets of filters

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