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HW500 Spider Crane

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Max working radius:14m(0.5ton)
Engine power:48kw

Hengwang brand miniature cranes are specially designed and manufactured for working in indoor or outdoor low-passage confined areas. 

It was mounted on a double-track chassis with "spider-type" outriggers. 

Hengwang miniature cranes are compact and easy to move, and are used in places where traditional lifting equipment or truck-mounted cranes cannot be used due to their size.


Machine weight6800kg
Max working radius14m(0.5ton)
Max lifting height16.8m
Standard configurationProportional Valve and Proportional Remote control , Diesel engine, Electric motor, Power distribution box, Searcher hook, Storage battery, Black rubber track, EMO switch, Three color lamp, Remote control lamp, Luffing balance valve, Telescopic balance valve, Hook anti-decoupling device, Slewing brake, Winch brake, Outrigger off the ground alarm and automatic stop device, Walking/Outrigger/Boom three-mode interlock system, Extra two sets of filters

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