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How to choose the tonnage of different road construction rollers?

Jun 05, 2022
The choice of the press is not only related to the quality of the construction, but also to the progress of the construction. So what kind of road roller is good?

Next, I will share with you the selection of the type and tonnage of the road roller.


Select according to project quality requirements

1. If you want to obtain a uniform compaction density, you can choose a tire roller.

The tire-type road roller does not destroy the original viscosity of the soil when rolling, and the soil layers have good bonding performance. Plus the front wheel can swing, so the compaction is more uniform and there will be no false compaction.

2. If you want to make the road compacted and leveled, you can choose a full-drive road roller.

In areas where the compaction capacity of the roller is not high, the roller with lower line pressure and flexibility can be used.

To achieve the compaction effect as soon as possible, a large-tonnage road roller can be selected to shorten the construction period.


Choose according to layer thickness

1. When rolling asphalt concrete pavement, the weight, amplitude and vibration frequency of the roller should be selected according to the paving thickness of the mixture.

Usually, on a thin layer with a layer thickness of less than 60mm, a small vibratory roller with an amplitude of 2~6t with an amplitude of 0.35~0.60mm is used, which can avoid the phenomenon of stacking, wave and damage to the aggregate;

2. In order to prevent the asphalt mixture from being too cold, it should be rolled immediately after paving.

For thick layers with thickness greater than 100mm, large and medium-sized vibratory rollers with high amplitude (up to 1.0mm) and 6~10t should be used.


Choose according to the construction process

In order to improve the construction quality and efficiency, after the subgrade is laid, a small walk-behind road roller is used for initial compaction, then a tire roller is used for central compaction, and a smooth roller is used for final leveling and compaction;

One type of road roller can also be used to complete the construction of all processes for construction units with poor conditions or when the road grade requirements are low;

If a tire-driven single-drum vibratory roller is used, the construction should be reversed for road smoothing without vibration, and the smooth roller should be rolled at the back to avoid tire indentations on the road.

HW-3T  Road Roller


Main feature

1. The working radius is small, and it can work in a narrow area;

2. Equipped with international brand HONDA gasoline engine or famous diesel engine, with superior performance and easy start;

3. Adopt international brand hydraulic transmission imported unit, stepless speed change, front and rear walking, hydraulic steering;

4. Electric engine start, hydraulic vibration, easier and more convenient operation;

5. Install luxury seats, which are easy to adjust and work comfortably.

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