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17 precautions for daily construction and maintenance of road rollers

Jun 07, 2022


Precautions for daily construction and maintenance of road rollers

1. Before working, check the parts, pipelines, screws, belts, lights and three fluids according to the maintenance content, check the sprinkler system with double steel wheels, check the chain and tire pressure on the rubber wheels, etc.

2. Don't wear sandals, slippers and shorts to work to avoid accidental burns or bruises.

3. Before starting, check whether there are no obstacles and potential safety hazards around the machine, notify people near the machine to get out of the way, put the handle in the neutral position, and sound the whistle three times to warn.

4. When starting, if the engine cannot be started within 15 seconds, it should be stopped for half a minute and then restarted. If it fails to start for 3 consecutive times, the reason should be checked and the fault removed before starting.

5. After starting, the engine needs to idle for a while, wait for the water temperature to reach about 50 degrees before driving, and the same is true when turning off the engine, and then turn off the engine after idling for a few minutes.

6. The road roller should pay attention to check the cleanliness of the wheels before rolling the road.

7. When the road roller is operating, it should keep driving in a straight line as much as possible. It is not allowed to brake suddenly on the uncompacted road surface. Extend the length of the pressed road surface as much as possible, avoid excessive steering, and prohibit steering and sharp turns in situ.

8. The steel wheel cannot vibrate on the spot while walking. It must start and then vibrate. When stopping, it must first stop and then stop.

9. During the running process of the road roller, the reversing or shifting must be stopped after the machine is stopped.

10. When the water is stable when the rubber roller is rolling, it is judged whether it needs to be supplemented and rolling according to the site conditions.

11. When working on a ramp, the speed should be lowered as much as possible, and it is forbidden to drive on a cross slope greater than 20%.

12. When working with multiple rollers, the vertical distance should be kept more than 3 meters, and the horizontal distance can be between 0.5 and 1 meters.

13. It is strictly forbidden to use the roller to pull other equipment.

14. When the machine needs to stop for a long time after compaction, it should be stopped as far back as possible and parked on the lower side of the road in the longitudinal direction, and cannot be parked in a row horizontally.

15. Traffic rules should be obeyed when transitioning. The steel wheel must drive at a low speed when encountering a hard road surface. When the distance is too long, a scooter should be used for consignment.

16. After the machine is stopped, it should be parked on a flat and solid ground. It cannot be parked on the edge of the roadbed. If it needs to be parked on a ramp, it should be plugged with stones or wood blocks under the wheels, and reflective cones should be placed.

17. When the roller is parked for a long time, it should be cleaned and maintained regularly, the battery should be removed, the roller should be fixed, and rainproof measures should be taken.

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